CoRDS Assent Script





Assent for Children 7-17 Years of Age and Adults Unable to Consent
Sanford Children's Health Research Center

Protocol Title:       Coordination of Rare Diseases at Sanford (CoRDS)

Investigator:       Benjamin Forred

Department:       Sanford Children's Health Research Center

    2301 E. 60th Street N, Sioux Falls SD 57104


    Phone: (877) 658-9192


Instructions for Parents and Legally Authorized Representatives: If the participant is between the ages of 7-17 or is an adult unable to consent, we ask that you read to them, or have them read, the following information before you enroll them in the CoRDS Registry. If your child/the participant does not agree to participate, you may not enroll them in the CoRDS Registry.


We would like to tell you about a research study we are asking you to be in. A research study is like a big science project. The research study will help scientists and doctors help people that are sick. If it is okay with you, we will ask your parent(s)/legally authorized representative(s) a few questions about you and use this information for our study.

The scientists and doctors may ask you to help them again in another research study in the future. If you don't feel like doing this right now, just tell us. Even if your parent(s)/legally authorized representative(s) say(s) that it is okay to be in this research study, you don't have to. If you let us put your name and information in the study, you can always ask us to erase them at any time by letting us know.



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Approved by Sanford IRB 08-03-2017.
Approved by Sanford IRB 05-10-2019